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The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

It can be difficult to separate financial fact and fiction, especially when you don’t have a source of information that you trust is going to tell you the truth. That’s where The Truth About Money comes in, taking to the airwaves every Saturday to hit you with cold, hard facts about your finances. No sugar coating. No holds barred. No conditions. It’s just us, sharing stories from decades in the financial services industry and offering a few secrets about how you can effectively navigate a world that’s just waiting for you to fall victim to hype. We’re here to help you reclaim your financial destiny.

Can You Handle the Truth?

Did you miss a show? No worries! The truth is: you can listen our show whenever, wherever. All episodes stream here or on your favorite podcasting platform right after they air on the radio. Whether you didn’t get a chance to tune in live or you’re just looking to revisit tips and tricks we covered in previous weeks, our show is available at any time. Listen to every episode of The Truth About Money here!

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Meet Your Host

Bruce Weinstein
President and Founder

Call Me: (480) 621-3646

Bruce Weinstein is the president and founder of Premier Southwest Planning Group, LLC, which he established himself in 2004. Now with more than three decades of experience in the industry, Bruce is well prepared to help his clients achieve any goal. He has also managed to develop a keen eye for deception, which can be abundant in this business. His mission is to help his client decipher financial fact from financial fiction, empowering them with truths, whether those truths are easy to hear or not. As a host of The Truth About Money, he corrects misconceptions and replaces them with proper information, giving listeners the chance to eliminate their questions and make decisions with confidence. He has been married to his lovely wife since 1993 and has three children, including Skylar, who now helps her father run Premier Southwest Planning Group, LLC.

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